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        Founded in August 2006 and headquartered in Hangzhou, China. Funcity Inc. is a globally oriented enterprise in the cultural and creative industries, which engages in game development, film creation and derivatives production, and integrates creative design, development, production, publication and operation. FunCity Inc. has been in the leading position of domestic and international market in the field of client-free web game and internet animation.

FunCity Inc. has created series of game products, including Magic Campus, The Last Conqueror, Fantasy City, Tales of Doomsday, ShuiHu Hero, Twilight of Lords, Kungfu Monkey King, The World of Myth, City of Sky as well as the internet animation game portal of As the first title, Magic Campus is proved to be quite successful a product since it has gained more than 56 million registered gamers worldwide. Meanwhile working with famous writers, Magic Campus has also started derivative game novel, animated televisions and films. Being one of the largest web game companies, FunCity Inc. was awarded as the Most Worthy-of-Investment Company in 2009 and the Innovative Firm in Chinese Web Game Industry in 2010.